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Active Substance Letrozole
Packs 50 pills x 5 mg

What is Ultima-Femara?

While Letrozole-Femara is primarily used in the treatment of breast cancer in women, bodybuilders use it for a completely different purpose. Their aim is to block rising estrogen levels within a steroid cycle. Despite being quite expensive, it eliminates the risk of gynecomastia without compromising the effectiveness of your cycle. Additionally, it helps your body shed excess water, aiding in achieving a defined and fit physique.

Using it without medical supervision is extremely dangerous. Dosages within steroid cycles vary, but an average daily dose of 0.5 mg to 1 mg is usually sufficient.

Highlighted features of Ultima-Femara:

Easy-to-swallow oral form

High-quality raw materials

Blocking estrogen without compromising the effectiveness of your cycle

Note: This product is shipped worldwide from the USA domestically and from the Asian continent.