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Ultima-Oxy 50




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Active Substance Oxymetholone
Packs 50 pills x 50 mg

What is Ultima-Oxy 50?

Ultima-Oxy 50 is a potent oral anabolic steroid that directly impacts muscle development and strength gains. It is particularly preferred during bulk (muscle gain) phases and is also favored by athletes involved in strength and combat sports. We recommend not exceeding a daily dosage of 50 mg. Due to potential significant side effects on the liver and kidneys, it is crucial to use under doctor supervision. Simultaneous use with dianabol is not advisable and unnecessary. Concurrent use of medications from the same alpha group reduces the average maximum effectiveness of the drugs.

Additionally, it is suitable to combine with deca and long-estered testosterone products. It provides a potent effect when combined with trenbolone enanthate, but it should always be used alongside testosterone.

Due to the possibility of significant side effects, it is imperative not to use without consulting a doctor. Other names for the product include anadrol, oxymetholone, and anapolon.

Key aspects of Ultima-Oxy 50:

  • High-quality raw materials
  • Easy-to-swallow tablet form
Note: This product is shipped worldwide from the USA domestically and from the Asian continent.