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Ultima-Prop 100



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Active Substance Testosterone Propionate
Packs 10 ml x 100 mg/ml

What is Ultima-Prop 100?

Ultima-Prop is a short-estered injectable testosterone product. It is particularly ideal for use during the cutting or definition phase. It aids in rapid fat burning, muscle development, and achieving an aesthetic appearance. Being short-estered, it can be used in a cycle with all other short-estered steroid products. Daily injections yield better results and minimize side effects. To minimize side effects such as gynecomastia and hair loss, daily or every other day injections are most suitable. However, like any steroid, the use of testosterone propionate carries certain risks. Using it without doctor supervision or consultation is risky and dangerous. Dosages of 25-50 mg per day will yield favorable results.

Key features of Ultima-Prop 100:

Packaged in a 10 ml sterile vial

High-quality raw materials

Fewer side effects compared to long-estered testosterone products

Contains MCT oil

Drawbacks of Ultima-Prop 100:

Due to frequent injections, you may experience muscle soreness and swelling at injection sites.

Note: This product is shipped worldwide from the USA domestically and from the Asian continent.