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Ultima-T3 Cytomel



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Active Substance Liothyronine Sodium
Packs 50 pills x 25 mcg

What is Ultima-Cytomel T3?

Ultima-Cytomel T3 is an oral fat burner product. Individuals aiming to lose weight often prefer this medically formulated fat burner. It has been found to be much more effective in burning fat when combined with HGH. The main ingredient of the product is Liothyronine Sodium, which acts on your thyroid to increase fat burning. Of course, its use carries risks. Using it without doctor supervision can lead to dangerous consequences. However, when used correctly, it is indeed an effective oral fat burner.

Key features of Ultima-Cytomel T3:

Easy-to-swallow tablet form

Rapid fat burning

Affordable price

High-quality raw materials

Note: This product is shipped worldwide from the USA domestically and from the Asian continent.